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Parsley Framework – Example

Here is a download link to a sample project built on Parsley framework, The detailed description of the project will be added in a few days.  http://www.2shared.com/file/xWXIPLhA/Parsley_Login_Sample.html

The Demo can be viewed here.

The project includes:

1.The Above mentioned, purely with Parsley Framework
2. Model,View,Controller Architecture

Topics Covered:

Some of the cool features of the framework are :

1.Dependency Injection
2.Messaging capabilities (read event system)
3.Flex Modules support
5.Injection via metadata

General Topics Covered:

1.Http service
3.Json Decoding
3.Validation etc.

Parsley 2.2 SWC and spicelib 2.2 SWC are used and these SWCs also being included in the downloads from the Parsley download page.